It enlarges the eye, makes the look more flirtatious and youthful, and lifts the outer corners. And interestingly enough, it will work not only as evening makeup, but you will also be able to use it well on a daily basis with a more subdued color scheme.

What is it and in whom will it work best?

Meet foxy eyes, a hot trend that is conquering salons, instagram and more! Did you know that you can do this makeup with BP Beauty Pro brushes? For example, our model with slanted bristles will be ideal for this purpose.

“Fox eye” is a makeup that can be tried by any of us, as it suits most beauty types. If you are the owner of droopy eyelids or your eyes are not very big, this fashionable and practical makeup trend is all the more made for you!

Although foxy eyes may seem complicated to make at first glance, it is not so at all! Its essential element is to draw the eye outward, as well as focus on the inner corners, for a “foxy” look.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • BP Beauty Pro brushes:
  • No. 06 – for blending,
  • No. 14 – oblique, which will help accurately elongate the outer corner,
  • No. 10 – with short bristles, ideal for applying shadows to the lower eyelid,
  • No. 09 – “ball”, which you can apply the shadows, while gently blending them),
  • shadow base,
  • highlighter,
  • Eye shadow palette (3 shades – from light, to medium and dark),
  • under-eye concealer,
  • eyeliner,
  • mascara,
  • eyebrow pencil and shadow (or other favorite product).

Foxy eyes step by step

  1. Prepare your eyebrows. For a simple shape that is characteristic of foxy eyes, outline the lower eyebrow line with a crayon. Fill in the whole with your favorite product (such as shadow). Brush out the hair with a brush combined with brush #14.
  2. Apply your favorite shadow base to the entire moving eyelid. This will increase the adhesion of the shadows and, of course, prolong the life of the makeup. Apply concealer under the eyes.
  3. Apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.
  4. Apply a matte light shadow (use brush No. 09) all over the upper eyelid. Apply a shadow of a medium color to the lower eyelid, gently blending it in such a way that it is an extension of the lower eyelid. Use a No. 10 brush for this purpose.
  5. Reach for a slanted No. 14 brush and use the darkest shadow to draw a line at the outer corner of the eye, pointing toward the outer arch of the eyebrow. Smudge the shadow upward, as well as gently toward the lash line. Use the No. 06 brush for blending.
  6. It’s time for eyeliner. Outline the inner corners of your eyes with it (in a triangle shape), draw the line over the lash line, and then extend it to the outer corner, directing it in line with the shadow you applied earlier.
  7. Carefully brush out your eyelashes.


Foxy eyes are a real revolution in the world of makeup. What definitely sets it apart is its focus on highlighting both the inner and outer corners of the eyes. It makes the look take on a completely different character – a bit more flirtatious, mysterious and simply sexy!